Research work

Hi !

Our research work on shamanism and trance had its first fruits a long, long time ago.

We began to publish documents about it in 2016.

The actual site “Chaman urbain” is one of the entry point of a set of 7 on line sites.

The “as if” approach

One of the motivation of this approach is described in note 1.

In 2020, we decided to work “as if” we were to write a PhD dissertation.

This “as if” choice is a direct consequence of our 2005 PhD dissertation where we developed and applied an approach we called – in French :
multi-dimensional research work
multi-referential research work

Practically it means :
– collecting data
– collecting research work
– weaving data & concepts
– write a dissertation
– find a laboratory interested in this dissertation

It sounds weird ! Is it really ?

Who knows what will be the core of the findings ?
– phenomena ?
EEG and other brain imagery ?
– other ?
– both ?

After our first set of readings, we find both – phenomena & brain imagery – very interesting !!!

See you soon !


P.S. : It sounds like Christian Bois is the experimenter, the observer and the author of this project.
But … “manifestation of interest” soon appeared.


(1) The French WikiPedia article “Multi-referential research” was “killed” by predators.
Fortunately, a copy exists SensAgent Le Parisien !!!
This “murder” gives an idea of how it is easy to run a research study with several :
– dimensions – from phenomena to EEG
– “elucidation tools” to speak as Foucault