Primal scream

There is a personal experience that looks like re living one’s birth. Sometimes “science” will know the very nature of this experience.

Illustration : a sculpture I made ; it was stolen ; if you find it ; 200 kg !!!

Incredible !
I wrote the answer to the question “Have we a memory of our birth ?”

Then I realized that the question was raised … in French !

Some say yes, some say no.


When I was 20 I read the book “Primal screeam”.

When I was 30 I found a great therapist who did week-ends for emotional therapy.

I head a great confidence in her.

At the beginning of a week-end I was lying on a mattress and their was some flickering of the sun on the green carpet.

This “signal” triggered something in my brain and body and I started to live again my birth.

It was an incredible experience.

My adult body with its weight – normal – was behaving as a new born body.

My breathing was like a new born’s.


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