My May France

What kind of French writer are you ?” “What is your France ?” Badge : Yip = Youth International Party = protesting for free speech and against war. Later I met Dizzie … The May tree is called … Axis mundi.

When people ask me what kind of French I am and what kind of France I’ve lived in I think of the time I was 20.

The X Olympic Winter Games were held from 6 to 18 February 1968 in Grenoble, France.

I was 20 and I was a “soft protester”.
This meant I wore some buttons against violence, wars and buttons for peace … and love.

Some Japanese tourists have taken pictures of me & my buttons.

I write “My May” because I din’t identify myself with any group.
And I committed no violence at all.

My “weapon” was my guitar and my protest songs.
Contrary to most of the protesters I was “in it” some years before.

My concern was mostly the end of any forms of violence – Vietnam war, apartheid and the regime of Général de Gaulle.

50 years later, many people have dropped their adolescent indignation & flounce.

I keep a high degree of indignation & flounce.

What has changed are the fields where I see injustice, governance stupidity, etc.

So my France is both a country that I see through the glasses of my dissatisfaction and a landscape I cherish.


Yippie button

Dizzy button

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