Deities, divinities and spirits

I wrote on this matter in an academic style. Here I shall use a more personal expression about my relationship with the “supreme beings” and less supreme beings – spirits.
The academic article with nice diagrams :
Describing spiritual healing : the needed words and diagrams

The way I write this book

This article will deal with the matters present in the different questions on Quora (1)
Key-words are :
– Deities, divinities, God, gods, Supreme being, etc.
– Spirits
– Xenophany – the word I created for “hallucinations” – see the article up
– 4 views of the world – shamanic, sorcerer, master of the ritual, priest
– exorcism / adorcism
– René Girard, Julian Jaynes, Régis Debray, Jean-Michel Oughourlian, etc.

(1) Questions on Quora I answered to :
How can someone explain explicitly the existence of a supreme being ?

How can logic be used to prove or disprove any belief ?

Apparently, they said an individual is born with their own fate. If yes, is this possible that one can change his/her own fate ?

How can you prove life needs a creator without first proving a creator exists?

Why is the god of this world not one ?

My answer to this last question :

At the beginning of the Bible, Elohims creates the world and blows in the nose of Adam.

Then Adonai gives the Tables for the law to Moise.

Yavhe is a warrior deity.


In a village there are smith, carpenters and bakers.

The village of gods reflect the village of men with different functions and names.

For example, in the village there is the emotional therapist.

In the village of gods there is Hermes or its equivalent in other cultures.

In the village of men there is a boss.

For the Greeks Zeus is the boss.

In the Bible it is unclear what is the name of the boss.

That is why she became “theo” for the Greek Christians, “Deus” for the Latin, Dieu for the French, God for the English, Gott, etc.16 views

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